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My name is Harrison. I am currently 20 years old and reside in the United States. Among my various hobbies, my foremost passion is software development. I liken it to solving a complex puzzle, where the outcome is far more gratifying than a picture.

I also possess a talent for reverse engineering and ethical hacking. I am particularly interested in exploring the inner workings of some of my favorite projects or hardware and incorporating my own modifications. This has also enabled me to write more efficient code in my own projects, as it deepens my understanding of system architecture and performance optimization.

Additionally, I am an avid Linux and open-source software enthusiast. I ensure that nearly all the software I develop is compatible with Linux and occasionally assist in porting software to the platform. I strive to open-source all my personal projects to aid other developers in learning from my work and to maintain transparency in my programs' functions.

At my university, I am deeply involved in several technology-focused clubs and organizations. My experience in these organizations has been an excellent opportunity to sharpen my skills and collaborate with like-minded peers.


Friday Night Funkin' Rewritten: Optimized rewrite of Friday Night Funkin' built on LÖVE. Runs on the Nintendo Switch (via homebrew).

WiiLÖVE: A proof-of-concept Lua-based game engine for the Wii, based on the API of LÖVE. This website!

I have worked on other projects too, but I am only posting the most notable ones here. Check out my GitHub for more.


My main socials are on X and Mastodon. You can also reach out to me at

HTV04's Website